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SMI-Express Services

Operations Services For Electronic Stores

  • 1 Operations Management System

    With SMI, you can order from anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reach directly to your customers. Our system is designed to be coordinated and integrated with your website to fulfill your requests in no time; The customer will be given access to the system through a username and password to enable our customers to follow up on their shipments and all their orders at all times and during any stage on the road

  • 2Storage and order handling

    SMI offers effective storage solutions that integrate with all your business systems and evolve as your business conditions change. We also provide long-term, short-term and temporary storage services We offer the latest storage solutions in our warehouses in Riyadh Our facilities are insulated and air-conditioned to protect against harsh weather conditions. We also offer various storage methods from mobile shelves to various storage spaces in size and dimensions We carry out your order based on your specific requirements, and we make sure of the specifications of each parcel according to the code, color and quantity before proceeding with its packaging

  • 3 Packaging and delivery

    In packaging, we can use your packaging tools, and if they are not available, we can provide packaging services using our products for this service. Locally, we will deliver your parcels to any destination within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the case of international orders, whether to the GCC countries or anywhere in the world we will deliver them through our international courier service partners who have been agreed with to ensure sufficient speed and flexibility To meet even your most demanding business needs

  • 4Receiving and tracking

    Once you place your order, we at SMI make sure that the shipping process proceeds professionally and according to schedule. We follow up the requests to ensure that sufficient information is provided to the customer to ensure his satisfaction and comfort, and that the product is in good and correct condition

  • 5Payment for and returns

    The cash on delivery feature is available if it is within the needs of your order In the event that we discover that the products delivered to customers have quality defects, or differ in product specifications from the one that was sent, we will take the burden off your shoulders, and manage the return or exchange process quickly and easily

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