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SMI Express, we are pioneers in the field of express mail and electronic commerce, which has become an urgent and essential need that provides integrated and unique logistical and operational solutions away from traditional delivery methods and classic e-commerce methods to become a value-added requirement for every business or customer We excel and are distinguished by a team of professionals and qualified trained to do this work with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We were united by the desire to make our world a place that is not separated by borders and barriers that hinder trade, transportation and delivery, thus ensuring faster, easier and safer access to all packages and goods. We understand the details and nature of your requirements and know that each customer has a special vision and goal. Different and this is what prompts us to commit to providing tailored solutions for each client to suit the nature of his need and meet his request only

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  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Security For Cargo Tools
  • 24/7 Hours Support
  • Easy Payment Methods
  • Fast & Efficient Delivery
  • Warehouse Storage

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Omar Al-Duwailah

He started his career in the field of logistics services in 2009, when he established during this year a company - Makers of Solutions - which specialized in providing various services in the logistical field (international shipping - sea freight - land freight - customs clearance - transport - warehousing) in addition to providing logistical consultancy.

And he sought, through the efforts he made upon founding the company, to develop the concept of work in the logistics field, and to become -solution makers- one of the most influential companies in the field, in order to keep pace with the vision of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to develop the logistics sector in the country, and for the Kingdom to achieve its goal. The strategic goal is to become a global logistics platform. “Solution Makers” has witnessed a tremendous expansion in recent years in the logistical field by providing a diversified transport fleet, and providing multiple services to important sectors in the Kingdom, such as: Saber, the Saudi Standards and Metrology Authority, the Food and Drug Authority, in addition to providing many consultations to its clients from inside and outside the Kingdom. It witnessed an expansion in the field of parcel delivery, as a support company for “solution makers” was established, under the name (SMI Express) to serve the parcel delivery activity in the Kingdom. Its founder also had tangible efforts in investing national energies, which was represented in empowering the youth of the Kingdom to work in the logistics sector, providing them with possible jobs, training them on the most important technologies needed by the field, and providing qualified national cadres to work with them.

He also sought to develop visions for future plans that tend to expand similar activities in the field, thus making the Solution Makers Company one of the most prominent companies that owns a large share in the logistics field to serve the objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to expand in this sector.