SMI-Express Services

Operations Services For Electronic Stores

Operations Management System

With SMI, you can order from anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to reach directly to your customers. Our system is designed to be coordinated and integrated with your website to fulfill your requests in no time; The customer will be given access to the system through a username and password to enable our customers to follow up on their shipments and all their orders at all times and during any stage on the road

Storage and order handling

SMI offers effective storage solutions that integrate with all your business systems and evolve as your business conditions change. We also provide long-term, short-term and temporary storage services We offer the latest storage solutions in our warehouses in Riyadh Our facilities are insulated and air-conditioned to protect against harsh weather conditions. We also offer various storage methods from mobile shelves to various storage spaces in size and dimensions We carry out your order based on your specific requirements, and we make sure of the specifications of each parcel according to the code, color and quantity before proceeding with its packaging

Packaging and delivery

In packaging, we can use your packaging tools, and if they are not available, we can provide packaging services using our products for this service. Locally, we will deliver your parcels to any destination within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the case of international orders, whether to the GCC countries or anywhere in the world we will deliver them through our international courier service partners who have been agreed with to ensure sufficient speed and flexibility To meet even your most demanding business needs

Receiving and tracking

Once you place your order, we at SMI make sure that the shipping process proceeds professionally and according to schedule. We follow up the requests to ensure that sufficient information is provided to the customer to ensure his satisfaction and comfort, and that the product is in good and correct condition

Payment for and returns

The cash on delivery feature is available if it is within the needs of your order In the event that we discover that the products delivered to customers have quality defects, or differ in product specifications from the one that was sent, we will take the burden off your shoulders, and manage the return or exchange process quickly and easily

National Strategy for Transport and Logistics
His Highness, Crown (Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Transport and Logistics)

This strategy will contribute to strengthening the human and technical capabilities in the transport and logistics sector in the Kingdom, and will enhance the connection with the global economy, and enable our country to invest its geographical position in the middle of the three continents in diversifying its economy by establishing an advanced industry of logistics services, and building high-quality systems of services, and the application of competitive business models to enhance productivity and sustainability in the logistics sector, as it is a major axis in the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and a vital sector enabling economic sectors, in order to achieve sustainable development.

About Us

SMI Express, we are pioneers in the field of express mail and electronic commerce, which has become an urgent and essential need that provides integrated and unique logistical and operational solutions away from traditional delivery methods and classic e-commerce methods to become a value-added requirement for every business or customer We excel and are distinguished by a team of professionals and qualified trained to do this work with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We were united by the desire to make our world a place that is not separated by borders and barriers that hinder trade, transportation and delivery, thus ensuring faster, easier and safer access to all packages and goods. We understand the details and nature of your requirements and know that each customer has a special vision and goal. Different and this is what prompts us to commit to providing tailored solutions for each client to suit the nature of his need and meet his request only.

Certified (CITC)

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Our vision is global Designing Digital Customer Relations, as we strive to connect the globe’s logistical and supply chain
resources into a single intelligent platform that overcomes fulfillment challenges and optimizes convenient shipping
and logistics solutions for business organizations across a wide range of locations.

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Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of your clients.

Our team of professionals is totally committed to provide you superior digital success right from the Start, and broad
transportation solutions that far exceeds your expectations. We put forward a tremendous extra effort every day to give
this level and quality of service and we are always striving to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions in the
industry by utilizing state of the art technologies, highly trained friendly and experience staff as well as a solid infrastructure.

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From and to each city in KSA , our network has been designed to allow us to serve you no matter where you are or where
you want to be. Based out of Riyadh, our reach extends to cover all corners of the KSA and everywhere in between.

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