Warehousing services is one of the most necessary and important logistics operations. The warehousing process is never less important than the production process or shipping process and is an essential step of customs clearance.

And warehousing services are required in many cases, for example, it is imperative in cases of export before packing goods into containers, as well as in the case of import and customs clearance operations, goods must be stored in designated places until the date of their transfer comes to their final place.

Storage services are defined as the process of keeping things and goods in safe, designated places known as warehouses or warehouses, and this is temporary until they are used in the future. Given the importance of warehousing services, the best stores must be chosen to place the goods in them, and the quality of the stores is measured by having some criteria such as the safety and hygiene standard and The extent of experience and professionalism of workers and officials within the store in addition to the techniques, devices and equipment in which the store is equipped, the standard of space and breadth and the standard of temperature and ventilation control, in addition to the necessity of a suitable storage method for purposes and goods Weight.

The storage services process is carried out on a set of procedures that begin with the passage of goods on the incoming goods section, and in this section goods are received and it is necessary that the warehouse management be aware of the goods received, their quality and nature, in order to prepare to receive the goods and provide the places designated for their preservation. After receipt the goods are examined and a comprehensive report is made on the condition of the goods. This report includes the lost and damaged goods, if any, and the proper goods are also recorded and recorded in the same report, and then the supplier (the owner of the goods) is notified of this report.

After that the goods are classified and each quality is placed in the storage places designated for them, and after the completion of the examination, the coding process begins by distinguishing the goods and placing some codes and symbols on them because they are not mixed or paired with other goods due to the multiple purposes in the store.