International shipping

Land shipping :

The International Solutions Makers is one of the largest and most modern road freight networks through modern fleets equipped with tracking technology using Global Positioning System (GPS). We also provide LTL freight solutions or LTL freight through freight centers distributed in strategic locations that ensure accurate and reliable transportation of goods and deliver them safely and on time.

Air Freight :

Aircraft Solutions Makers provides a wide range of express and economical transportation solutions that best meet your various business needs. We also guarantee complete door-to-door transportation services and smooth customs clearance services. Thanks to our advanced technology solutions and our wide network of offices around the world, you can track the progress of your shipments from the moment you submit the shipping request until it reaches its final destination.

Sea Freight :

Our services cover major shipping lines and trade routes around the world and are supported by our extensive global network and work team that includes highly qualified experts and our advanced technical systems. We are also committed to managing your cargo shipments at all stages of the shipping process from receipt to customs clearance through to the final delivery stage.