Solution Makers International Company
For Logistics Services

Solution Makers company for customs clearance and transportation

With a set of national and foreign experiences and aids, we were able to set ourselves on the path of challenge to always appeal to the best in many of the pivotal sectors in the fields of investment, education, information technology and logistical services that represent the pillars of building the nation's main economy.

The vision of solution makers has always been in line with the needs and aspirations of its distinguished customers; who use our products and services all over the world; rather, they go beyond their aspirations.

Under the message "We are where our customers need us" we have provided our services and implemented many diverse projects in our business fields inside and outside the kingdom, and each of these sectors operates in an independent administrative system and in an organizational structure that provides a mix between the independence of each sector and the general management of the company in the best forms of administrative work and a team Homogeneous work.


Customs Clearance


Shipments status


international shipping


Transport and storage

Direct management communication

You can communicate directly with the Department to inquire about shipping operations Or if a problem occurs and we always strive to provide the best services

Daily progress reports

We provide daily reports in order to know how many shipments have been delivered And export them in order to obtain full efficiency in the delivery of shipments

Special and extended transport services

Special transport services for timely delivery and proper delivery Thus saving on time and timely delivery of shipments

Taking measures and consulting

We take the necessary measures in the process Receiving and delivering shipments, which makes us more efficient and through Do some consulting

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